The Arts Club sells more season tickets than any other theatre company in Canada. It has three performance stages in Vancouver and is a bastion of the country’s theatre community.

The Arts Club Theatre Company opened its first stage on Seymour Street in 1964; today it is the largest theatre company in Western Canada.


The Arts Club’s logo, the “A” in a spotlight, is simple and timeless, and is now as recognized within Vancouver as the Arts Club name. The tagline “alive on three stages” is a later addition to help clarify that the Arts Club now has three permanent venues.

2019/2020 Season Campaign

Another season brochure for the celebrated theatre company finds a combination of vibrant colour and contemporary typography, bringing a fresh modern take on the new year of performances ahead.


2015/2016 Season Ticket Campaign

The 2015/2016 Arts Club season saw the launch of a new theatre centre, as well as another striking brochure designed by Burnkit. Channeling the graphic identity of past seasons with eye-catching illustrations and strong visual language, we aimed to draw newcomers and veterans alike back for another year of entertainment on the stage.


—Peter Cathie White, Director of Sales & Marketing

2014/2015 Season Ticket Campaign

Another year of world class theatre productions, another bold campaign designed by Burnkit. Inspired by the stories of this season’s productions, the 2014/2015 season campaign for Arts Club features bold typography, original illustrations and a fresh colour palette.

Show Illustrations

Burnkit has created more than a decade’s worth of Arts Club show illustrations. Recent seasons have featured a distinctive, elemental style that work well at both large and small dimensions in a variety of applications including brochures, newspaper, online and outdoor.

2013/2014 Season Ticket Campaign

After several back-to-back record-breaking seasons, we knew the 50th anniversary had to be special. Dubbed “SEA50N”, the 2013/14 campaign resulted in the highest season ticket sales in the Arts Club’s history.

2012/2013 Season Ticket Campaign

The 2012/13 season ticket campaign was aimed to convey a modern, fun and accessible entertainment choice, rather than an elite or artsy experience, resulting in a growing younger audience.

2011/2012 Season Ticket Campaign

The Arts Club’s strong brand identity transcends individual shows, seasons and venues. The 2011/12 season ticket campaign conveys a modern, fun and accessible entertainment choice, which has resonated with a growing (and younger) audience and resulted in record breaking ticket sales.