Following a brand discovery with Herschel founders and leadership team, we explored how core brand themes, tone of voice and a visual language could be woven into a powerful story about the company.

The vision was to go beyond the typical mission and vision statements and to share the Herschel brand in a more visual and authentic way.

We worked closely with Herschel leadership to develop a message that captured the heart of the company and was an open reflection of its culture and values.

A finely printed brand book titled, An Insider’s Guide To Herschel Supply Co., acted as a primary vehicle to deliver the Herschel brand story to employees, partners, buyers, and the media.

Exposed Smyth Sewn binding created an unfinished, behind-the-scenes feeling

The special printing specifications and techniques used on the brand book set expectations that the document included a special message and story.

Key aspects of the brand story were shared via digital decks and during in-person presentations.