Highly refined and minimalist, the website design is rooted in the same principles of purpose, functionality and beauty that are present in all Bensen products.

Bensen furniture is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Our website design performs at a similar level, with every detail carefully applied, every element serving a purpose.

With Scandinavian heritage and a home on Canada’s west coast, Bensen founder, Niels Bendtsen, has made important contributions to the design world for well over half a century.

Niels Bendtsen’s Ribbon Chair (1975), resides in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Working closely with Bensen leadership, we explored how our graphic design could convey the Bensen philosophy of simplicity and honesty, forever balanced, as a countermeasure to today's ever-changing world.

Website functionality, including a unique double menu that distinctly divides Products and Company, were jointly inspired by business requirements and by the pursuit of design concepts that perform beautifully.