We worked closely with PureWeb leadership to develop a brand identity that expressed how powerfully transformative this technology is.

An in-depth brand discovery and creative exploration allowed the PureWeb and Burnkit teams to work out together how best to uniquely express the innovative tech and brand character of the company.

A dynamic, proportion bending logo concept provided an engaging, ‘wireframe’ graphic look for the brand. The graphic flexibility conceptually conveys the immersive, 3D technology.

Display typography exudes character and pays homage to classic science fiction covers of the 60s and 70s. It makes for a distinctive pairing with the logo and graphic elements.

Brand Guidelines

A detailed brand guidelines document provides rules and examples for how to apply all elements and maintain brand consistency.

A vivid brand color system is on full display on the website where it smoothly transitions from green to purple, adding to the hallucinogenic aesthetic.

The website feels alive as it transitions between purple and green

Clearly articulated navigation and dropdown menus

PureWeb is built on the high-fidelity streaming tech of Unreal Engine and Unity, and so, the website was designed and developed to feel akin to that technology space.

The website functions simply and efficiently, and promptly directs visitors to all manner of content including product information, showcases, and resources.