Founded in 1986, Ballet BC is a long-standing and highly respected pillar in the British Columbia performing arts community. With a contemporary style and approach, the company is continually seeking to innovate and challenge the notions of ballet as an artform.

Bold and innovative, the distinctive style and approach of Ballet BC has helped it make a unique and valuable contribution to the development of dance in Canada.

Brand Identity

A bold new logo to mark the 30th anniversary of Ballet BC.

Process wall

2021/22 Season

2020/21 Season

For their 2020/21 season, the dance company continues to create, innovate, and inspire through the power of dance. Their commitment as storytellers through movement is reflected through the timeless and restrained palette. 

2019/20 Season Brochure

The fifth season brochure for the dance company celebrates a pairing of movement and vibrant colour, showcasing a modern, energetic take on choreography for the season to come.

2018/19 Season Brochure

Our fourth season brochure for the dance company finds balance with movement and colour, bringing a fresh, contemporary take on motion for the latest season.

2017/18 Season Brochure

Our third season brochure for the dance company expands the frame, using full colour floods and close crops to bring new energy to the new season.

2016/17 Season Brochure

Our second iteration of the Ballet BC season brochure introduces a vibrant new colour palette and extends the existing visual language of the dance company.

2015/16 Season Brochure

To celebrate the 30th anniversary and new brand identity for Ballet BC, we created this special print piece which serves as a bold introduction to the new look and feel for the contemporary dance company.

This printed piece received the 2015 award of excellence in the Communication Arts design annual.

"A 30th Anniversary milestone marked by bold new branding from Vancouver design agency Burnkit."

—Vancouver Sun


As part of the new vision for the Ballet BC brand, we built a responsive website that reflects both the expressive and refined qualities of their productions.

The responsive website