Peterson are a real estate company focused on community, development and management of commercial and residential properties.

We worked with photographers Tanya Goehring, Andrew Latrielle, Evaan Kheraj and Lucas Finlay to create a new bank of architectural, cultural and lifestyle imagery for Peterson.

Identity and Website

We created a strong, simple wordmark with curved features to represent legacy, community and professionalism.  As well as clear, modern typography, colour palette, and a positioning statement—Something Greater—that the whole Peterson team are proud to represent.

For the site, we prioritized smooth navigation, concise content, notable property footage, and a new bank of office culture and architectural photographs, all of which are key attributes for Peterson’s new responsive multimedia website design.

Peterson Rentals Website & Photography

Peterson recognized the opportunity to provide well managed rental properties for tenants across BC, and Canada. Through Peterson Rentals, Canadians can find the perfect apartment that suits their needs.

As an extension of their corporate website, Peterson Rentals reflects the responsiveness and highlights key characteristics of the brand. The focus on smooth navigation, contemporary design, and lifestyle photography creates a welcoming website for new and current tenants.

Working with photographer Tanya Goehring, we concepted and directed a photoshoot for Peterson Rentals. The result was a series of lifestyle photography that conveys the day to day moments of apartment living.