Gray Monk Estate Winery boasts a deep history in the BC wine industry and a trailblazing approach to winemaking. We’ve worked with them on various campaigns, including the brand and launch of their Latitude 50 line of wines.

Immigrating from Europe to the Okanagan Valley the Heiss family came with dreams of owning a successful vineyard. In 1972, they were at the front of the line presenting their request to be allowed to make (and sell) wine from their own grapes. That began the Estate Winery program - which many believe was the turning point for British Columbia Wines.

Brand identity and packaging

Latitude 50 is a high-quality, white, red and rose line that is positioned separately from other Gray Monk lines with a bold, modern design.

30 40 50

Campaign to celebrate three monumental anniversaries of Gray Monk Estate Winery—30 years of producing wines, 40 years of vines in the ground and 50 years of marriage.