EOV Ventures creates interactive workshops based around the Shared Value Concept for small and medium sized businesses. With engaging speakers and a unique 3D sound experience, EOV aims to provide the tools and guidance to live a more harmonious life.


The EOV logo is the key visual signifier of the EOV brand. It is comprised of a single three-letter wordmark with a pronounced “O” at the center. This intentional focal point symbolizes focus, and references the the physical aspects of the EOV seminars as well as the Shared Value Concept.

The logo is supported by EOV’s flagship workshop ‘The Wellness Project.’ This supporting graphic element consists of a logo that echoes the “O” in the EOV logo, and references the auditory experience within the workshop. The supporting logo and copy on the EOV website is typeset in Maison Neue, the official EOV brand typeface.


We built a clean, responsive website for EOV Ventures that echoes the ambience of their workshops. With the use of clear type, photography, and audio and visual components, we created an online presence that is a subtle contrast to the EOV seminars.