BattersbyHowat is led by Heather Howat and David Battersby, along with their team of architects, landscape architects and interior designers. Operating with a distinctive, multidisciplinary design approach that is both restrained and bold, the firm is highly respected and are champions of West Coast architectural style.

Established in 1996, David Battersby and Heather Howat offer a holistic approach to design, through combined degrees in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Website 2019

For an updated look and improved functionality, we developed a new, responsive website for BattersbyHowat. The contemporary minimalist design showcases their work. The Diptych homepage features their West Coast-inspired architecture juxtaposed with images of nature.


Published May 2013 through Dalhousie Architectural Press and edited by Brian Carter, the book features an in-depth review of 10 projects which highlight the contemporary West Coast design that the firm is known for. We’re also proud to announce that it was a winning entry in the annual Coupe Design and Image Competition for graphic design excellence.

“We pursue an architectural expression that embodies a spirit of contemporary living.”

—David Battersby

Website (2010)

For BattersbyHowat, it was critical that the work was the central focus of their firm website. We built a structure that allowed for full-screen imagery and minimalist navigation so as to not distract from the beauty and discipline of their body of work.