Ryan has had a fruitful career in the field of art direction and graphic design. After studying at design school in frigid Winnipeg (his hometown), he has spent the interim decade perfecting his craft in a variety of top studios.

Always keeping a cool head and well-organized workspace, he has developed a formidable knack for capturing the essence of a project and executing the vision of the client (keeping them very happy in the process). He accomplishes this through both traditional design discipline and an open-minded, research-driven understanding of the priorities and goals for each project that he lends his hand to.

Outside of the studio, Ryan devotes his time to…more design? A series of small, self-initiated projects stud the passage of time along with skateboarding (hurting his knees), making music (hurting his ears) and spending time with his loved-ones (putting it all back together again). He only arrived at Burnkit in 2013, but we’ll never let him go.