Hayley is from a place that very few of us know anything about: Toronto. The land of Tim Hortons, Drake and a very large spire in the centre of its corporate-heavy downtown. Yes, they have more sports teams. Yes, it’s more culturally diverse. Knowing Hayley, you’d think its a land of sugar plums and the streets are paved with free beer, bubble gum and cigarettes. But yet, her sugar is balanced by a bit of spice that comes out when you get to know (and work with) her.

This is also what makes her so good at what she does. Happy and kind are balanced by serious and determined. ‘How can I help?’ can quickly yield to ‘Don’t get in my way!’. She’s a keen listener and tends to quietly outwork those around her. She learned her trade at Emily Carr and ended up staying in Vancouver (because we wouldn’t let her go), but still misses home every once in a while. You can often find her at a noise rock show (War Baby!), screenprinting a t-shirt or playing with her young feline, Grumpy Cat 2.0.