As technical lead, Codi is responsible for the oversight and execution of Burnkit’s web projects. The role is strategic, focused on creating an appropriate technical strategy and ensuring it meets functional requirements, works within the project budget and is built out according to the project schedule. Clear and frequent communication with both clients and the internal team is a critical aspect of Codi’s success. Proudly self-taught, Codi has over 8 years of experience in website development and has built innumerable websites on a variety of technical platforms. He uses a lot of software (and lingo) we’ve never heard of, but sound awesome.

One of the rare people actually born, raised and still living in East Vancouver, Codi spends the majority of his time outside the office growing, grooming and expressing gratitude for his luxuriously thick beard. He’s also a fan of such noble pursuits as drinking craft beer, watching the odd NHL game, traveling to cool places and spending time with his wife Jillian. If you can ever wrangle an invite for dinner at their house, we’d suggest you take it.